Spree Candy Theater Boxes - 12ct

Spree Candy Theater Boxes - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Spree candy is colorful, fun and full of fantastic flavor!

5 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.50

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Spree candy is colorful, fun and full of fantastic flavor! If you're craving something sweet and fruity, you need to try Willy Wonka's Sprees. This unique confection was first sold in 1971.

Each bite is disc shaped and includes a compressed dextrose candy that's smothered in a brilliant fruit flavored shell. Original Spree includes cherry, orange, lemon, apple and grape flavors in red, yellow, green, purple and orange.

Our bulk Spree candy is an easy way to get all the dextrose candy you love in one purchase. Keep them in your pantry at home so you always have a quick, hassle-free snack to enjoy. Sprees also make a wonderful addition to edible gifts and party favors.

Impress the neighborhood kids by using our Spree theater boxes as your Halloween candy this year! Sprees also make tasty stocking stuffers. Take a box to work to share with coworkers or incorporate into special events and celebrations.

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5 ounces per box

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