Rainbow Candy Sprinkles - 10lb

  • $33.99

Premium sprinkles in vibrant pastel colors to make desserts stand out and create eye-catching topping bars.

Price per pound: $3.40

Product Details

Candy confetti. What could be better than that? Our bulk bag of sprinkles could! Rainbow sprinkles add some pizazz to a sundae bar, decorate hella cookies, add life to parfaits, or even just eating by the handful is awesome.A close cousin of the nonpareil, these specks of sugar date back to the 18th century and have been pleasing people for hundreds of years. Whether you know them regionally as ''jimmies,'' ''shots,'' or ''sprinkles'' everyone can agree on one description for these tried and true morsels: delicious. Sprinkle some rainbow love into your life today with these rainbow sprinkles.

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