Squeeze Pop Liquid Lollipops - 18ct

Squeeze Pop Liquid Lollipops - 18ct CandyStore.com
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Attention lazy candy lovers. This particular sweet doesn't even require the licking that typical lollipops do. All you have to do with Squeeze Pop Liquid Lollipops is squeeze them out of the tube and swallow! These are actually very popular for some diabetics.

In a variety of flavors and colors, you can pick green, blue or red and decide how much you want to squeeze at a time. Try these Squeeze Pops if you want to offer something new and different at Halloween for trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Or stock yourself up on Squeeze Pop Liquid Lollipops to stuff into stockings on Christmas for a fun and unexpected surprise. Whatever you do, you have got to try some of these incredible candies today!

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Flavor List

Assorted Fruit or Sour Fruit.

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