Starburst Originals Party Size - 50oz Bulk Bag

Starburst Originals Party Size - 50oz Bulk Bag
  • $25.99

It's party time with this huge bag of Starbursts!

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Fruity fun comes with every bag of Starburst candy! Each piece includes a square of soft taffy in one of many delicious fruit flavors. Try all your favorites, including lemon, orange, cherry and strawberry. These juicy fruit chews make mouths water with bright colors and a taste like no other! Our bulk Starburst bag contains larger quantities for birthday parties, picnics, holiday events and any occasion that calls for more sugary goodness!

Our bulk Starburst fruit chews are also convenient for use in treat bags and party favors. Each comes individually packaged in a colorful wrapper so every piece stays fresh until you're ready to eat it. Keep a package on hand at home so you can quickly curb fruity cravings with a few sweet bites of this renowned candy. We make it easy to get all the Starburst fruit chews you need for any occasion with just one convenient purchase!

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