Starburst Duos - 24ct

Starburst Duos - 24ct
  • $44.99

Each Straburst Duo is divided in two flavors and colors!

2.07 ounces per pack

Price per unit: $1.87

Product Details

Starburst Duos fruit chews will trick your taste buds while satisfying sweet cravings! This unusual candy takes the classic Starburst fruit chew in a whole new direction.

Everyone knows what to expect when they pick out a square piece and take a bite. Things are different when you snack with Starburst Duos candy. Each pieces is divided in two flavors and colors!

They look much like a traditional Starburst fruit chew, with a square shape and similar texture. One is strawberry watermelon and the other is blue raspberry lemonade. Start chewing and you'll experience the transition created by flavor beads hidden inside each morsel.

Cherry becomes cherry-lime and orange becomes orange-strawberry. Starburst Duos candy are individually wrapped, just like the regular version. Our bulk Starburst pack gives you many pieces so you have enough to share at parties, holidays or to give away as gifts or rewards!

SKU: WP317401

2.07 ounces per pack

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