Starburst Minis Unwrapped Candies - 8ct Pouches

Starburst Minis Unwrapped Candies - 8ct Pouches
  • $48.99

A variety mix of 4 different flavors of bite-sized, poppable Starbursts, unwrapped for enjoyable snacking in a resealable bag.

8 ounces per pouch

Price per unit: $6.12

Product Details

Enjoy the juicy taste of Starburst fruit chews in a smaller size with Starburst Minis! This unique candy is hard to put down. Each piece includes the same smooth, square shape you know and love in many familiar colors and flavors.

You'll find delicious strawberry, cherry, lemon and orange pieces, just like you would enjoy in a regular sized bag of Starburst fruit chews!

There are two distinct differences between Starburst minis and the brand's original fruit chews. First, each is smaller so you can enjoy manageable mouthfuls. Second, these fruit chews come unwrapped!

Each bag is full of dainty squares of goodness with no annoying wrapper between your taste buds and your favorite flavors! No wrappers also means no mess after snack time. Enjoy them as is or use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more! Unwrapped Starburst minis will be a fast favorite in your chewy candy collection.

SKU: O346854

8 ounces per pouch

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