Starburst Original Candy - 12ct Peg Bags

Starburst Original Candy - 12ct Peg Bags
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Starburst Original Fruit Chews offer a delicious mix of four classic flavors in a chewy texture, perfect for any sweet treat.

Price per unit: $4.58

Product Details

Starburst fruit chews are the sweetest way to get your fruit fix. Each piece is square and includes a soft, chewy texture that feels smooth and tastes amazing!

Our bulk Starburst fruit chews include multiple peg bags with individually wrapped blocks of confectionary goodness. Sink your teeth into juicy strawberry, orange, cherry or lemon or combine two flavors for a mouthful of fun!

The original Starburst candies were introduced in 1959 as Opal Fruits under the Mars brand in the United Kingdom. They were later renamed Starburst and made available for sale in the United States. Needless to say, Starburst fruit chews were a big hit here in the states!

Today they are one of the most popular confections available in grocery stores and candy shops all over the country. Now you can get larger quantities for parties, events, holidays or at home snacking by ordering our convenient bulk Starburst packs!

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