Starburst Candy Original - 12ct Theater Boxes

Starburst Candy Original - 12ct Theater Boxes
  • $32.99

A classic fruity candy assortment in a shareable theater box, perfect for gifting, movie snacking and more.

3.5 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.75

Product Details

Juicy, fruity Starburst candy is now available in a big theater box size! Our bulk Starburst fruit chews are an irresistible treat for anyone who loves taffy style candy.

Each piece includes a bite-sized block of chewy candy in one of many fruit flavors. Taste strawberry, orange, cherry or lemon or take a bite out of two at the same time!

Starburst fruit chews are the best way to get more of the candy you love. Each box contains many theater candy boxes that you can keep at home or share. Make family movie night more exciting by handing out your own concessions! Starburst also makes a great stocking stuffer or can be added to party favors.

Impress the local kids by giving them full Starburst theater boxes as their Halloween candy! There's nothing this hugely popular confection can't make even sweeter. Treat your taste buds to great fruit taste with Starburst in bulk!

SKU: WP317285

3.5 ounces per box

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