Strawberry & Cream Drops - 2.2lb

Strawberry & Cream Drops - 2.2lb
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Our light and fluffy strawberry and cream drops gummies are the ultimate snack for candy lovers who prefer chewy treats and fruit flavors. This delectable confection is the perfect choice for events and casual snacking.

Satisfy a demanding sweet tooth or treat guests to a dessert they will absolutely love by pouring these elegant gummy candies into a decorative bowl or jar for a party! Each piece starts with a wider base that's a creamy white color. The top features an elongated dome shape with a narrower tip in soft pink. The tow hues look gorgeous together and hint at the strawberry and cream flavor that this candy is known for. Each bite is chewy and packed with deliciousness.

Our bulk strawberries and cream gummies are a beautiful candy to give out as party favors or wedding favors. Keep it simple by adding them to a tulle bag or come up with your own unique way to give these charming gumdrop shaped gummy candies!

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