Strawberry Banana Gummy Rings Candy - 4.5lb

Strawberry Banana Gummy Rings Candy - 4.5lb
  • $16.99

65 rings per pound (290 total)

Price per pound: $3.78

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Did someone tell you never to play with your food when you were a kid? Well, we hate to break the rules, but they never told you not to wear it! With these incredible strawberry banana gummy rings you can pop them onto your fingers and enjoy their sparkly exterior and wonderful sweet and fruity interior.

Make your family smile when you bend the rules this one time for this delectable candy. In pink and white, these strawberry-banana gummy rings make a gorgeous addition to any occasion, can be wrapped up into goodie bags or even added to the rim of cocktails. And who doesn't love strawberry banana flavor? Give them a try and see if you love wearing or eating Gummy Rings better.

SKU: O344082

65 rings per pound (290 total)

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