Strawberry Delight Bon Bons Candy - 5lb

  • $15.99

Yummy hard candy strawberry bon bons are individually wrapped in stylish wrappers that look like little strawberries! These old fashion favorites have the same yummy fruity flavor they've always had and are as popular as ever to candy lovers across the country.

68 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $1.60

Product Details

A classic favorite, these hard candy Strawberry Bon Bons are each individually wrapped in plastic designed to look like strawberries.

You found them in the candy dish at your grandma's house; now you can put them in your candy dish at home. The classic, delicious flavor hasn't changed a bit why fix what isn't broken, right? and they're still as stylish as ever for any candy jar or bowl.

SKU: O350067

68 pieces per pound

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