Charleston Chew Strawberry - 24ct

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1.88 ounces per bar

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Our strawberry Charleston Chew candy bars are a new take on a classic favorite. The first Charleston Chews were created in 1922. The name was inspired by the similarly named dance, which was hugely popular at the time.

Today we don't typically do the Charleston, but we still enjoy the rich flavor of the candy bar whose name it helped create! The original Charleston Chew consisted of a smooth center of vanilla taffy that was covered in a layer of delicious chocolate. Newer flavors were introduced in the 1970s, including chocolate and our strawberry Charleston Chew.

Each candy bar still includes the same irresistible taffy texture and satiny chocolate coating, but with a hint of sweet fruit flavor! You get full sized candy bars that are individually wrapped so they are perfect for sharing and snacking while on the go! Rediscover your favorite classic candy bar with our bulk Charleston Chews!

SKU: U342619

1.88 ounces per bar

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