Strawberry Laffy Taffy - 24ct

Strawberry Laffy Taffy - 24ct
  • $49.99

Indulge in the tangy and stretchy strawberry flavor of Laffy Taffy for a fun and flavorful experience with bright pink branded packaging.

Price per unit: $2.08

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Strawberry Laffy Taffy is any fruit lover's dream! Enjoy the juicy sweet taste of fresh picked strawberries along with the smooth texture of chewy taffy. Willy Wonka's Laffy Taffy was introduced in the 1970s under the name Beich's caramels.

Instead of long ribbons of confection, each piece consisted of a square of fruity taffy. The word "Laffy Taffy" later replaced caramels and would become one of the most popular of Wonka's sweet treats. Our bulk Laffy Taffy pack is the best way to get more of the flavor you love. This pack contains all strawberry so you never have to pick through an assortment to find the one you want.

Each piece is individually wrapped in the fun, swirly colors that are the trademark of the Wonka brand. Give Laffy Taffy out as a gift or use to fill party favors. Strawberry Laffy Taffy also makes an easy snack to enjoy at home or on the go!

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