Sugar Babies Candy - 24ct

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Delectable little beans of rich caramel!

1.7 ounces per pack

Price per pack: $2.21

Product Details

Classic Sugar Babies are more than just theater candy, they make perfect additions to holidays and birthdays. Sugar Babies are delectable little bean shaped candies with rich caramel bits inside. They can be added to edible landscapes as locks and stones, used as buttons on snowman cookies and even act as creepy zombie bits on Halloween cupcakes. Sugar Babies have endless uses but, of course, they can be used for theater themed parties and family movie nights.

The real prize comes when you eat a flavorful Sugar Baby, sweet sugary candy followed by an even sweeter caramel center will send your senses into overdrive. Grab a pack to go, snack when in traffic, or working on a difficult project for instant stress relief. For businesses Sugar Babies come in a classic display box making them perfect for break room fundraisers. Sugar Babies come 24 separate packs per classic display box.

SKU: O343237

1.7 ounces per pack

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