Sugar Babies Theater Box Size - 12ct

  • $29.99

Candy coated milk caramels - Sugar Babies!

Price per unit: $2.50

Product Details

One of the best treats that people enjoy at the movie are called Sugar Babies and now this delicious treat can be yours any time you want them. These are delightful bite sized chewy caramel treats that light up your life the moment you pop them in your mouth. They come in different sizes but the king size box gives a person enough delicious enjoyment to last through the longest of double features.

Food at the theatre can be so expensive but purchasing the Sugar Babies King Size Box on your own. Though these are called babies the taste and enjoyment they provide is definitely for grownups! These treats are great for any kind of party. If a bad day is troubling you then reach into this little box of treats and enjoy some tiny pieces of caramel enjoyment. These have been around d since the 1930s and they have satisfied literally thousands of hungry candy lovers ever since. The unique texture of caramel will keep them going.

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