Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops - Large - 24ct

Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops - Large - 24ct
  • $62.99

Generous bar of creamy caramel candy on a stick!

1.7 ounces per pop

Price per pop: $2.62

Product Details

Chewy Sugar Daddy caramel pops offer the best of everything when it comes to sweet snacking. These mouthwatering delights produce big flavor that no caramel fanatic can resist! The beauty is in the taste and the design. Each piece includes a generous bar of creamy caramel candy perched atop a convenient disposable stick. Simply peel the bright yellow wrapper and enjoy golden caramel confection to your heart's content without the gooey mess!

Anytime is a great time to buy Sugar Daddy candy! Give them away during holidays, hide them in party favors or keep them around the pantry for days when you're craving something smooth and sweet. Since 1925, Sugar Daddies have been the go-to candy for caramel lovers. New sizes have been introduced over the years, but none compare to the large Sugar Daddy caramel pop. Take your mouth on a saccharine vacation with a box of nostalgic Sugar Daddy candies!

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1.7 ounces per pop

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