Sugar Free Christmas Tree Nougat Fluff - 3lb

Sugar Free Christmas Tree Nougat Fluff - 3lb
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Now you can celebrate a healthier holiday with our delicious sugar free Christmas tree nougat fluff! This peppermint candy offers sweet flavor without all the sugar. Christmas and New Year's Eve are popular times for parties, dinners and other celebrations. Those events usually include a lot of unhealthy eating.

Now you can offset some of that high sugar holiday diet with sugar free Christmas candy that tastes just as good! Our bulk sugar free Christmas tree nougat fluff gives you plenty of candy to serve guests or create fun treat bags for kids. Each piece is round with a snow white color. The sides are decorated in bright red ribbons of color.

A classic Christmas tree in green appears at the center, complete with a brown trunk and red tree topper! Every piece is individually wrapped in clear plastic so it stays fresh and keeps the beautiful holiday themed pattern visible. Switch to sugar free this season with our minty Christmas tree nougat fluff!


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