Sugar Free Cinnamon Bears - 5lb

Sugar Free Cinnamon Bears - 5lb
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Sugar free gummies? Is it really even possible? It sure is, and these chewy, bright red gummi bears pack a powerful cinnamon punch. They are hot enough to turn up the heat, but definitely not so hot that you want to stop with only one. We're sorry, but you're on your own to try to muster up self-control. :)

These Sugar Free Cinnamon Bears are kosher certified, sweetened with Maltitol syrup and made in the USA. They are also the perfect candy dish companion for Valentine's Day, Christmas, and black tie events.

Most people just need to hear the words cinnamon and gummi for their heart to start racing a little faster. Of course, for many, consuming sugar-laden candy is out of the question, so that excitement quickly turns to a blend of disappointment and sadness, sprinkled with a hint of anger. If this sounds like you, prepare to be doing cartwheels over this bulk supply of Sugar Free Cinnamon Bears.

Certified Kosher Candy

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