Sugar Free Fruit Chews Bag - 12ct

Sugar Free Fruit Chews Bag - 12ct
  • $35.99

2.75 ounces per bag

Price per bag: $3.00

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GoLightly sugar free fruit chews are a quick and easy way to appease your taste buds without adding more sugar to your daily diet. Eating healthier is vital for everyone.

It's easy to know what foods are good for you, the problem is finding foods that you also like. GoLightly has created a delicious selection of sugar free, gluten free fruit chews that offer the amazing taste you love in a healthier treat! What's even better is that you can find all your favorite fruit flavors in bulk right here!

Our GoLightly sugar free fruit chews pack includes an assortment of flavors in individual bags. Taste refreshing orange, sweet strawberry, citrusy lemon or succulent peach anytime you want! All four are included in this irresistible assortment. Chewy candy isn't just tasty, it also satisfies your stomach with more chewing action. This low calorie confection uses Splenda to produce the sugary taste you love in every bite-sized fruit chew!

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2.75 ounces per bag

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