Sugar Free Gummy Fish Candy - 5lb

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Sugar free gummy fish are the perfect alternative to sugar packed candies!

50 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $6.20

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Product Details

Sugar free gummy fish are the perfect alternative to sugar packed candies. This mouthwatering confection features a fun look that makes snack time more exciting! Each piece includes a realistic fish shape with a fan tail, top fin and scale texture.

Unlike real fish, these sweet little swimmers come in a rainbow of vibrant colors! Try red, yellow, orange or green. No matter which you choose, you will get that same chewy texture in every bite. Our sugar free fish gummies are similar to the classic Swedish Fish you know and love. Instead of one flavor, you get a delightful assortment in multiple colors.

Use them to enhance edible gifts or fill up treat bags. Sugar free candy are a great choice for children. You get a healthier treat that tastes great. Our bulk sugar free gummies give you large quantities for events, celebrations, businesses and classrooms at a great price!

SKU: U320871

50 pieces per pound

Flavor List

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White


Lycasin (maltitol syrup), gelatin (citric, lactic, and malic acids), natural & artificial flavors (FD&C yellow 5 & 6,blue 1, red 4), and aspartame. oil/carnauba wax (for shine).

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