Sugar Free Root Beer Barrels - 5lb

Sugar Free IBC Root Beer Barrels - 5lb
  • $45.99

Savor the classic flavor of root beer without the sugar! Sugar Free Root Beer Barrels provide a distinct and delicious taste in a 5lb package. Enjoy the smooth, distinct flavor of root beer candy without the sugar guilt.

62 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $9.20

Product Details

A barrel of laughs. A barrel of fun. These Sugar Free Root Beer Barrels are the former and the latter! Bursting with bright and refreshing root beer flavor, give your mouth a sweet quenching treat with this sugarless root beer barrels.

The best part of these yummy barrels? They're sugar free! That means you can enjoy the flavor of root beer soda without any of the added calories or cons to your dental health. So make your dentist and you tummies happy with a bulk order of these incredible Sugar Free Root Beer Barrels candy today!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K332536

62 pieces per pound

Flavor List

Root Beer or Root Beer Float

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