Mini Gummi Worms Sugar Free - 5lb

Mini Gummi Worms Sugar Free - 5lb
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Clever Candy® Sugar Free Gummy Worms provide a classic chewy confection with fruity flavor and vibrant colors without refined sugar.

Price per pound: $14.00

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Get your sweet fix and enjoy the fruity, juicy flavor of Albanese sugar free mini gummy worms! Gummy worms are a classic candy that has earned a large following. They were originally introduced to honor the 60th anniversary of the gummy bear.

Even though they came later, many candy lovers prefer the long, wiggly shape that makes these long, wiggly worms so enticing. Albanese has created an irresistible gummy worm that's also better for your diet! Our sugar free mini gummy worms offer the fruit taste you love without the unnecessary sugar. Each package includes an assortment of popular flavors, including green apple, wild cherry, orange, lemon and pineapple.

Satisfy your taste buds and stick to a low sugar diet. Sugar free gummies in bulk are a great choice for parties, events and classrooms. Educators can reward children without adding sugar to their daily diet while parents can offer an after school snack that's healthier.

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