Peanut Butter Bars Sugar Free - 15lb

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70 pieces per pound (1050 total)

Price per pound: $12.93

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Peanut butter bars are favored by many. Now you can get this great candy and it is sugar free. There is just something about these candies that are crunchy that leaves you wanting more of them. These have a peanut butter flavor and allow you to get the crunch that is delightful without having to worry about the intake of sugar.

This is also a great candy for those who are diabetic and don't need to have other candies that contain such large amounts of sugar. These are all individually wrapped in a clear wrapper that allows the white color of the bars to really shine through. These are great for parties, snacking, and even Halloween. You will find that when you get a bulk bag you will have enough to last you for a while and anytime you have a sweet tooth these are sure to come in handy.

SKU: O344298

70 pieces per pound (1050 total)

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