Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels Chews GoLightly - 5lb

  • $52.99

Smooth and delicious and sugar free, these vanilla caramels are amazing!

Price per pound: $10.60

Product Details

Are you thinking about eating better but hate having to sacrifice your favorite caramel candy? Now you can start dieting and still get your candy fix with GoLightly sugar free vanilla caramel chews!

This delectable confection includes a bite-sized piece of chewy candy. Each is individually wrapped in a brilliant yellow and red to make snack time more exciting! GoLightly caramel chews feature two classic flavors in one irresistible candy! It all starts with rich caramel that's complemented by a touch of creamy vanilla.

Sugar free candy is also a great choice when looking for healthier snacks for the kids or searching for something tasty to put in the office candy dish . Family, friends, coworkers and others will adore the amazing flavor - especially when they discover that these sweet candy chews are also sugar free! Make sure you never run out of this quick and easy snack by buying our convenient GoLightly vanilla caramel chews bulk pack!

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