Sunburst Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds - 12ct Tubes

Sunburst Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds - 12ct Tubes
  • $46.99

Unique, colorful candy-coated sunflower seeds in eye-catching display tubes, crafted in the USA without gluten, peanuts, or GMOs.

3 ounces per tube

Price per unit: $3.92

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Product Details

A best-ever game-day snack and a sweet energy treat for hiking trips, Sunburst Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds are composed of a crunchy candy shell, a creamy chocolate filling, and a naturally protein-packed heart with all the warm golden flavor of a real sunflower seed.

This wholesale pack of Sunburst Sunflower Seeds contains many individual servings that are great for car rides, impulse buys, or trips to the movies. Warm, festive colors make these chocolate-covered sunflower seeds a great addition to a summer or fall candy display, while their small size makes them neat little drops of sweetness for trail mixes.

They're also a nutritious alternative to sprinkles on cupcakes for your next scout meeting! However you enjoy your wholesale Sunburst Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds, you'll appreciate their perfect combination of chocolaty smoothness with subtle crunch!

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3 ounces per tube

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