Justice League Candy Sticks w Tattoo - 30ct

Justice League Candy Sticks w Tattoo - 30ct
  • $21.99

Nostalgic candy sticks with comic-themed boxes and temporary tattoos for added fun.

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Product Details

Snack like a Super Hero with our Jutice League Super Hero candy sticks - with tattoos! This unstoppable candy is ready to defeat even the most evil of sweet cravings.

Our generous box contains many individual boxes that contain a number of white candy sticks that will make your taste buds tingle. Eat them all or save a few and take your pack alone with you so you always have an easy treat ready for action!

The colorful boxes feature all your favorite super heroes! Each is printed with a specific character theme, which includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and more. Choose your favorites or take them all with you so you're ready for whatever snack time throws at you.

Our bulk Super Hero candy sticks are a must-have for birthday parties and other events. Along with tasty candy sticks, each Super Hero pack contains a temporary tattoo. Give kids their favorite treat with their favorite super hero characters in one powerful box!

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