Super Way-2-Sour Blow Pops - 36ct

Super Way-2-Sour Blow Pops - 36ct
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Charms Blow Pops now offer an amazing lollipop for anyone who wants to challenge their taste bud with sour flavor! The Super Way-2-Sour Blow Pop features the same two treats you know and love with a double dose of extremely sourness.

Each includes a chewy bubblegum center surrounded by a thick hard candy shell. Our sour Blow Pops assortment includes five fabulous flavors so you have your pick when you're craving something tangy and sugary! Bulk Blow Pops are a great way to save money and get all the candy you need for events, parties or casual snacking.

Keep a box in the pantry or take them to school or the office to pass around. Super Way-2-Sour Blow Pops also make a fun addition to birthday favors and more! Give them out as prizes and community or school events or let the kids enjoy their favorite Charms flavors as an after school snack. Each Blow Pop is individually wrapped so they stay fresh and clean until you're ready to eat.

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