Sweetarts Candy - 10ct Theater Boxes

Sweetarts Candy - 10ct Theater Boxes
  • $26.99

Shareable SweeTarts candy in vibrant theater boxes, beloved for generations with no artificial flavors.

5 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.70

Product Details

SweeTarts are a delicious candy that was actually invented to give parents something easier to deal with that their children would still enjoy. This hugely popular confection features a disc of pressed powder that's sweet with a hint of fruit flavor. Our theater box includes an original assortment so you get all your favorite colors in each package!

The first SweeTarts appeared after Lik-M-Aid and Pixy Stix candy. At the time, children adored the taste of both powdery treats but often wound up making a mess as they snacked. John Fish Smith, owner of the Sunline candy company, introduced the first SweeTarts in 1962.

Ever since, kids and adults have enjoyed the sweet and tart taste that makes these colorful candy discs so irresistible. Our bulk SweeTarts are a great choice for birthday parties, treat bags, holiday events or family movie night. No matter what you're celebrating, everyone will love the fruity taste of Wonka's SweeTarts tangy candy!

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5 ounces per box

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