SweeTarts Candy Rolls - 36ct

SweeTarts Candy Rolls - 36ct CandyStore.com
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Sweet and tart, SweeTarts!

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Make snack time more interesting with the tangy and sweet taste of SweeTarts candy! Our SweeTarts candy rolls offer the classic flavor you love in a bigger package. Each roll is individually wrapped to form a tube that fits easily into a pocket, purse or wherever you prefer to keep it.

Simply tear open one end and grab a disc shaped piece from inside! SweeTarts were introduced in 1962. They were inspired by powdery Lik-M-Aid and Pixy Stix. The decision to create a compressed version came when parents complained that powdery candies were too messy. Now kids can enjoy that same tangy taste without getting powder all over their hands, clothes and faces!

Our bulk SweeTarts candy rolls are perfect for special events and much more. Use them to fill up birthday party treat bags or give as a special treat during the holidays. From stocking stuffers to prizes for games, our SweeTarts are a delicious confection for the young and young at heart!

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