SweeTarts Squeez Candy Tubes - 12ct

SweeTarts Squeez Candy Tubes - 12ct CandyStore.com
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We heard you, sour lovers, and now we have something that will give your brave taste buds a run for their money! These SweeTarts Squeez Candy Tubes are a gel-form of your favorite Sweet Tarts candies and packs a serious sour smack that will make you pucker for a long time. In convenient tubes, you can go for the gusto and squeeze the whole thing in at once, or go little by little to savor the sour one taste at a time.

If you have a birthday party to plan for and would like to add something fun to the party favor bags, then why not try these SweeTarts Squeez Candy Tubes? They're an original and memorable candy that everyone is sure to love. Just make sure you have a crowd who is braced for a tart surprise once when take a taste of these SweeTarts Squeez Candy Tubes!

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