Conversation Hearts Candy - 36ct Sweethearts

Conversation Hearts Candy - 36ct Sweethearts
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Conversation Hearts candy boxes are a convenient candy for Valentine's Day and other love themed occasions. Each piece is made of delicious sugar confection fashioned into a traditional heart. One side is printed in a short affectionate phrase.

It doesn't get any easier than our boxed Conversation Hearts! This classic candy comes prepackaged in individual boxes that are wonderful for gift giving and sharing. Use them to make Valentine's for the classroom or hand out to coworkers, friends, family and neighbors in February. You can also get creative by making your own wedding favors featuring this popular boxed candy.

Open a few boxes and pour into glass dishes to serve guests during a party or use to make festive Valentine's Day party favors. Conversation Hearts can also be used to plan a unique date night with your special someone! You can always save a box or two to enjoy as a quick snack when you're craving something sweet that's also inspiring.


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