Tangerine Jelly Belly - 10lb

Tangerine Jelly Belly - 10lb CandyStore.com
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400 beans per pound

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Tangerine jelly beans will satisfy your sweet tooth and your craving for something good and citrusy! These are one of Jelly Belly's most delightful creations. Each individual bean features a brilliant orange hue that's smooth, even and visually appealing.One side is stamped in the iconic white Jelly Belly logo so you know exactly where your favorite beans came from! This bulk jelly bean package includes all tangerine pieces so you never have to sort your beans to find your favorite flavor. Our bulk tangerine jelly beans are also a wonderful choice for events and celebrations.Use them to fill candy dishes and jars at birthday parties or summer gatherings. They can also be used to create beautiful wedding favors that match the theme and/or color scheme of the venue. Businesses can impress clients with a tasty Òthank youÓ gift of beans while individuals can keep tangerine jelly beans in their pantry for easy snacking.

Certified Kosher Candy

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400 beans per pound

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