Tangy Bleeps Retro Candy - 700ct

Tangy Bleeps Retro Candy - 700ct
  • $134.99

A burst of sweet and tart fruity flavors in vibrant rainbow colors, Tangy Bleeps Retro Candy is perfect for bulk displays and candy buffets.

33 pieces per pound (700 total)

Price per unit: $0.19

Product Details

Tart and sour centers within the delicately crunchy candy shell make Tangy Bleeps a delicious treat! These bright and colorful sour ball candies are formerly called Mega Bytes and are a happy companion to gumballs and peppermint spheres when you want a bouncy shape selection on your candy buffet.

Their rainbow colors give these sour sweets a cheerful, festive feel. And for anyone who loves sour candies, neon-hued bulk Tangy Bleeps can't go wrong as a gift! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a sour touch when you enjoy Tangy Bleeps by the handful or as a quirky palate cleanser between courses.

These intensely-colored spheres of candy goodness look great piled in a glass bowl or brightening up your kitchen from a clear treat jar. Vary the flavors of your treat bags or candy buffet even as you add bright and cheery color to the look with coated Tangy Bleeps candies!

SKU: K332850

33 pieces per pound (700 total)

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