Tart-n-Tinys Candy - 30lb

Tart-n-Tinys Candy - 30lb CandyStore.com
  • $90.99

3/8-inch diameter.

Price per pound: $3.03

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Don't let their size fool you. These teensy weensy Tart-n-Tinys Candies are exploding with bright, tart, and sweet flavor that you'll absolutely love. In vibrant shades of green, red, yellow, orange, and blue, you can eat the rainbow by the handful or pick out your favorite colors to munch on.

Tart-n-Tinys Candies are a brain-busting estimation jar candy since there can be hundreds and thousands in every bag. They also make pretty and delicious toppings for ice cream sundae bars. Sprinkle some on top of ice cream, eat them by the handful, or decorate the top of a cake with a pinch or two. Whatever you do, you'll love these Tart-n-Tinys Candy.

SKU: F316955

3/8-inch diameter.

Price per pound: $3.03

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