White Tic Tacs Fresh Mints Candy - 12ct

Tic Tac Fresh Mints Candy - 12ct CandyStore.com
  • $29.99

Classic White Tic Tac mints in their awesome share-enducing dispensers!

Price per pack: $2.50

Product Details

Classic Tic Tac mints in their awesome share-enducing dispensers. Give it a shake, tip your head back and enjoy the immense flavor of Tic Tac Candy! This bulk supply will allow you to do that over and over again until you have candy whiplash.

With classic flavors of mint and orange, you can decide which one you love most and bring home a big supply of Tic Tac Candy. Drop a few boxes into your purse to freshen up your breath on the go, stash a box or two in your desk to snack on during the day, even keep some in the pantry at home to enjoy when you need a flavorful pick-me-up. When you stock up on these tasty Tic Tac Candies you'll have a ton of deliciousness for weeks to come.

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