Tiny Gumballs - 8500ct

Tiny Gumballs - 8500ct CandyStore.com
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Honey, I shrunk the gumballs!

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Honey, I shrunk the gumballs! But not to worry. These 3/8 inch gumballs are still as chewy and yummy as the original.

In a rainbow of colors, this historic chewable has been around for a centuries and have been enjoyed by the ancient Greeks and Mayans! And these assorted mini gumballs are here to continue the legacy of yum. Fill an olde timey bubble gum machine, add them to a glass jar for a retro candy buffet display, or even give them out to friends as a pretty party favor. These bright, glossy rainbow gumballs are ready to give your jaw a scrumptious job to do chewing and blowing bubbles!

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