Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bars 12.6oz - 10ct Box

  • $119.99

Classic triangular chocolate bar!

Length = 12-inches Weight = 14oz

Price per bar: $12.00

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Product Details

A triangular chocolate bar in a triangular package with lovely retro graphics - with such a striking look, it's no wonder Toblerone has stayed so popular. Normally it would be unwise to judge a candy by its wrapper, but Toblerone has proven itself a high-quality chocolate confection, and the alpine motif on the label reminds every chocolate lover that Toblerone confections are part of the reason Swiss chocolates are considered among the world's finest.

The prism package of the Toblerone milk chocolate bar protects a luxurious chocolate candy bar flavored with delicate additions of honey and almond. Instantly recognizable as a top-of-the-line chocolate brand, each Toblerone bar makes an ideal portable dessert which is perfect for sharing with a friend - if, that is, you can bring yourself to sacrifice a piece of its goodness!

SKU: K333023

Length = 12-inches Weight = 14oz

Price per bar: $12.00

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