Too Tart Sugar Free Sweet Spray - 24ct

Too Tart Sugar Free Sweet Spray - 24ct
  • $70.99

Fine misty drops of shockingly sour, sugar free spray candy!

1 ounce per bottle

Price per unit: $2.96

Product Details

Get ready for a billion microscopic drops of shockingly sour spray with this candy! We're talking about our Too Tart Super Sweet Spray and can already picture the pucker on your face once you squirt one spray onto your tongue. Your taste buds will shrivel. Your eyes will squint.

And tears will stream down your face in delicious bliss with this exciting treat. If you have adventurous candy lovers at home and want to bring a burst of citrusy sourness into their lives, then stock up on some of these today. They're a fun way to get a burst of sweet and sour flavor and share a laugh or two with your friends and family.

SKU: K336298

1 ounce per bottle

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