Tootsie Pop Drops - 24ct

Tootsie Pop Drops - 24ct
  • $57.99

Classic Tootsie Pop without the lollipop stick!

2.25 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.42

Product Details

What do you get if you take a classic Tootsie Pop and remove the lollipop stick? You get original Tootsie Pop Drops! This unique confection offers the same delicious taste with a new design. Instead of a large lolly, you can get your Tootsie Pop fix with a bite-sized snack.

Each piece is disc shaped with a hard candy outside and chewy candy center‚ just like the lollipops that inspired them! You'll find all your favorite Tootsie Roll flavors in this irresistible assortment.

Try chocolate, orange, cherry, grape and blue raspberry or share them! Our bulk Tootsie Pop Drops gives you more pieces that are perfect for any purpose or occasion. Are you responsible for filling up the office candy jar? Save money by buying these delicious treats in bulk!

Add them to party favors or use them as a quick snack to serve visitors who stop by. There's a lot of flavor to love when you have bulk Tootsie Pop Drops in your pantry!

SKU: U344010

2.25 ounces per box

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