Tootsie Pops - 100ct

Tootsie Pops - 100ct
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Tootsie Pops are even better when you buy them in bulk!

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Tootsie Pops are even better when you buy them in bulk! This famous candy has become an icon for many. Each piece includes a disposable stick that supports a hard candy shell containing a chewy piece of Tootsie roll candy.

These fun lollipops were introduced in 1931 and originally came in chocolate. Today many fruit flavors have been added including strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, grape, orange, cherry and green apple. Our bulk Tootsie Pops box contains a delightful assortment of treats that will give you many options when it's time to snack. Each is individually wrapped in colors that hint at its flavor.

Tootsie Pops are a must-have for birthday parties and other gatherings that cater to children. While they may be a kid-friendly candy, they are also a popular choice among adults who grew up with the famous Tootsie Pop owl commercials! Try all the flavors you love with this Tootsie Pops box.

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