Tootsie Roll Bars Candy - 36ct

Tootsie Roll Bars Candy - 36ct
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A classic chewy, chocolatey favorite since 1896, Tootsie Rolls are a must-have for any business, perfect for candy aisles and gift baskets.

Price per bar: $2.11

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Offering up the classic taffy-like chocolate treat, Tootsie Rolls, in a solid piece that makes a whole dessert or can be sliced for unconventional cake and cookie decorating, Tootsie Roll Bars are a king-size version of the tasty confection most people have enjoyed since they were tiny.

In the classic chocolate-and-white wrapper, Tootsie Roll Bars are both satisfying and instantly nostalgic, providing the unique chocolate chews just like you have always had them! Bulk Tootsie Roll Bars can be assembled in a vase for a take-one-and-munch candy bouquet at a housewarming party, or they can be the foundation of a truly awesome take-home treat bag.

This convenient wholesale box of Tootsie Roll Bars is a compact selection great for stowing in the pantry for easy desserts and sweet snacks. And remember, the whole point of Tootsie Rolls invention was to make a chocolate that did not melt - if you are entertaining in the summer, Tootsie Roll Bars are the treat for you!

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