Topaz Choco Rocks - 5lb Bulk

  • $39.99

Little pebbles of topaz blue rock-like chocolate candy!

Price per pound: $8.00

Product Details

Topaz Choco Rocks are a delightful treat that's absolutely gorgeous to eat! These delicious confections are unusual because they recreate the look of real pebbles and rocks.

Every piece is packed with chocolate-y goodness that features unique shapes. The dense interior is covered in an eye-catching candy coating that adds subtle texture with a silver-blue hue, much like a real Topaz!

Our amazing Choco Rocks can be used so many ways. This tasty candy will take your cake decorating to the next level. Customize baked goods with natural looking rocks (that are completely edible!). They can even be added to decorative bags or containers to give as wedding or party favors. Adults and children alike will admire the organic appearance and savor the sweet taste.

Our bulk Choco Rocks is the easiest way to get large quantities for events and celebrations. Impress guests by serving up delicious chocolate Topaz at your next gathering!

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