Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers - 12ct

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers - 12ct
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5 ounces per unit

Price per unit: $3.08

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Trolli Brite Crawlers sour gummy worms are a unique twist on this classic confection. Each piece is long and includes a segmented body, round head and blunt tail tip , just like the real thing! Our assortment includes intense colors like blue, red, orange and green that are coated in sugar to balance out their sour bite.

Gummy worms are one of the most popular chewy treats among candy lovers! Children will love making them wiggle while playing at a picnic or birthday party. Replace classic sweet gummy worms with Trolli's sour crawlers when making dirt pudding cups or other kid-friendly no-bake recipes.

You can even use them to top cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Our bulk gummy worm box contains many individual packages that are convenient for quick snacking. Grab a few and keep them in the glove box, purse or diaper bag so you and the kids always have a sour sweet snack ready to enjoy!

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5 ounces per unit

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