Turquoise Chocolate Color Color Drops - 15lb

Turquoise Chocolate Color Color Drops - 15lb CandyStore.com
  • $158.99

Turquoise candy shell around chocolate gems!

500 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $10.60

Product Details

The bright color of the Caribbean, these Turquoise Chocolate Gems sure are stunners. Get ready to upgrade your household candy dishes with a tropical makeover and impress your house guests with your good taste in chocolate and color.

Is turquoise your favorite color? Do you love crisp candy shell and melty milk chocolate? Are you preparing a vibrant candy display for an event? Whatever the occasion, you can bring home some of these Turquoise Chocolate Gems and prepare for it all. Now all you'll have to do is plan enough parties for an excuse to break our these gorgeous Turquoise Chocolate Gems and share them with your friends and family.

SKU: K331230

500 pieces per pound

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