Tweety Rainbow Pops Tub - 48ct

Tweety Rainbow Pops Tub - 48ct
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A fun addition to any kid-friendly party or event!

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Tweety Rainbow Pops is a fun addition to any kid-friendly party or event! If you love classic cartoons or are looking for a unique treat for children, our Tweety lollipops are a great choice. They are tasty, economical and include colorful packaging that's ready to give!

Each lollipop includes a disposable stick and individual wrapper that seals for freshness. Images of famous Tweety bird decorate each lollipop with a pink background. See cute yellow Tweety with big blue eyes and a dainty orange beak. Tweety is easily the most famous canary in the United States, and probably the world!

Use these delicious rainbow lollipops to fill up treat bags for kids at birthday parties and picnics. They also make great Valentine's Day candy that children can take to schools or activities. Businesses can hand them out during special events to entice families to stop by. Bulk Tweety pops arrive in a convenient storage tub.

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