Twizzlers King Size Strawberry Twists - 15ct

  • $58.99

Strawberry twists from Twizzler in king sized bags!

4.2 ounces per bag

Price per bag: $3.93

Product Details

Twist your tongue around our Twizzler Strawberry licorice candies. With the classic chew of licorice, sweet strawberry flavor and beautiful red color they're an all American classic that people love.

Use these Twizzler Strawberry licorice candies as straws in cold drinks like lemonade or punch or eat them on their own! Tie them in knots, whip them around and even play sword fights with them before you snack. These Twizzler Strawberry licorice candies are fun to eat and to play with and with this bulk supply, you'll be able to do all of the above with the ones you love.

SKU: R328993

4.2 ounces per bag

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