Twizzlers Twerpz Packs - 24ct

Twizzlers Twerpz Packs - 24ct
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This candy may sound like it's been given a mean name by a bully, but trust us, these Twizzlers Twerpz Packs are happy to be the candy that they are! These tantalizing twists are packed with strawberry and orange flavor that will knock your taste buds back to last Tuesday.

On a handsome helix of pink and orange, your taste buds will twirl, swirl and dance around these Twizzlers Twerpz Packs. They're so chewy and delicious that you'll want to indulge on twist after twist. Keep some in your pantry for when you need a sweet treat or even use them as a drink stirrer in lemonade or summertime punch! These Twizzlers Twerpz Packs are sure to go a long way to pleasing your palate and friends and family.

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