Unicorn Pop Jar - 36ct

Unicorn Pop Jar - 36ct CandyStore.com
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Unicorn Pops are the lollipop with more imagination! If you love hard candy, then this fun treat offers a whole new way to snack. Most lollies feature a disc or orb shape. Unicorn Pops present a whole new look and shape with a length of high quality hard candy that's tightly wound around a disposable stick.

The length extends up to create a solid pillar of sweet confection! The result is a charming unicorn horn shaped lollipop with a rounded tip. Each Unicorn Pop comes individually wrapped so it stays fresh and is ready for sharing and gifting. Save them as an occasional after school snack for the kids or use them to hand out at family functions and other events.

Unicorn Pops also make a great stocking stuffer. Personalize the lollipop by tying on a name tag and ribbon or adding other fun embellishments. Our bulk Unicorn Pops jar is also a great choice for party favors and candy buffets!


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