Valentine Chocolate Jordan Almonds - 10lb

Valentine Chocolate Jordan Almonds - 10lb
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Chocolate Jordan almonds are a delicious confection for a wide range of events and gatherings. This tasty treat is often found at weddings, showers, parties and other celebrations. Our Valentine Jordan almonds offer a love themed mix of colors that will make your tables or counters look gorgeous!

Each round piece contains a savory almond that's sugar panned to give it that delightful candy shell. Every bite is super sweet and includes a combination of flavors that are reminiscent of married life. The sugary exterior represents the sweetness of the union while the almonds adds a touch of bitterness.

That's why Jordan almonds are so popular for use on reception dessert tables or in wedding favors! Our Valentine's Day mix offers that same unique combination of ingredients with bright pink, red and white shells. This vibrant palette looks stunning in glass jars, tulle bags or in containers for a candy buffet!

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