Valentine Jelly Belly Mix - 10lb

Valentine Jelly Belly Mix - 10lb
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Price per pound: $8.20

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Make Jelly Belly jelly beans a part of your Valentine's Day celebration with this festive Valentine candy mix! Each piece is round and features the popular white Jelly Belly logo printed on one side so you know it's the real deal.

Jelly Belly Jelly beans are known for their small size, smooth texture and irresistible flavor. The Valentine jelly bean mix features pink, red and white pieces in flavors that will make you fall in love!

Our Valentine's Day Jelly Belly mix contains an assortment of strawberry cheesecake, cherry, bubble gum, coconut and cotton candy jelly beans. The combination of warm colors will warm anyone's heart! Our bulk Jelly Belly jelly beans makes it so easy to get all the pieces you need to make your own Valentine's Day gifts! Add to small tulle bags or favor boxes or include as part of a special edible gift for someone you adore.


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